Free Text to Pdf Converter&Creator

Free Text to Pdf Converter&Creator 5.8

It is a tool designed to meet all your needs of converting text to PDF

Free Text to Pdf Converter&Creator is a software utility the function of which can be easily deducted from its name - to generate Portable Document Format (.pdf) files from text documents. The program's interface is simple and easy to understand and use, and it allows for batch conversion of selected text files or entire folders of supported documents.

This - batch conversion - is perhaps the most important feature of this program that allows you to add several source files and convert them all in one single step. Despite the program's name, it seems to also accept Microsoft Word files as source files - however, it requires that you have the Microsoft Office package installed on your system to work properly (version 2003 is the one recommended by the program!). Though the "text to PDF conversion" does not seem to produce major flaws, it appears to be unable to correct the layout or to apply any formatting of any sort to the output document. Thus, it is necessary that your source text file comes with at least a basic format. For instance, it is advisable that you add the well-known Line feed/Carriage return sequences at the end of each line, for your resulting document to look good and to be readable.

There is a panel to choose the output format from, even though PDF is the only option active. Besides that, there is also another panel with many configuration options grouped under tabs, but only the PDF options can be selected. This is because the program is part of a set of similar tools that provide different kinds of format conversions. On each tool, only the corresponding configuration options are active. The rest is there, but they have been disabled.

There are a couple of issues about this program. When you run it, it asks you to choose whether you would like to run the “Free” or the “Share” version, even though the executable file is supposed to install the free version. Different limitations are applied to each version, and choosing the right one might result highly confusing for many users. Besides that, the program makes it difficult to close itself. As a tip, if you want to close it, you have to click on “Cancel” on the confirmation dialog, because if you click on “Ok”, which seems to be the logical choice - the program will not close, and it will show a window inviting you to register it instead.

The conversion process itself is quick, and when it finishes, the output folder automatically opens. However, the user interface might be easily improved, and the conversion should analyze and take care of the format of the output file. Besides that, its price is pretty expensive for such a specific and simple functionality.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy-to-understand and easy-to-use interface
  • Allows for batch conversion


  • Expensive
  • Does not take care about the layout of your resulting documents
  • Asks you to choose whether you would like to run the Free or the Share version, which is confusing in a free trial
  • It is difficult to close, and it shows you a registration window every time you try it
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